Weenie Meets Helen Keller

Dachshund Weenie insisted on meeting Helen Keller. Her true story makes a charming book.

When Helen Keller visited Eastcliff, Weenie the dachshund decided she needed to meet her. Weenie’s adventure is retold, with paper dolls in the Eastcliff in Miniature dollhouse, in this true story about the house that has become home to presidents of the University of Minnesota.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the photographs of the Eastcliff dollhouse in 1:12 scale, with paper dolls of the characters acting out the story. The paper dolls are included and may be copied and cut out to use as toys.

The end of the book includes a brief biography of Helen Keller, a history of Eastcliff, and detailed descriptions of the miniature furniture and artwork in the dollhouse. Both miniature enthusiasts and those new to the art will marvel at the exquisite work of the artisans who created Eastcliff in Miniature. Seeing Helen Keller through Weenie’s point of view will introduce this remarkable woman to a new generation of readers.

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