Eastcliff: History of a Home

During my time living at Eastcliff, I heard many fascinating stories, some more true than others. I soon began saying that someone should record the true stories—then I realized I was the most likely “someone” to write the book.

Writing the book

I spent several years collecting stories from others, researching, and finally writing. I included all the most interesting stories, as well as some additional information that I thought needed to be included to tell the full story. When I finished writing, the word count indicated my book would be 600-pages long. It is doubtful many people would want to read a book that long about Eastcliff. It is certain that even fewer people would want to pay for a book that long about Eastcliff.

And now, the website!

This website contains none of the best stories included in Eastcliff: History of a Home — otherwise, why would you buy the book? Additionally, I signed a contract with my publisher that I wouldn’t reproduce the text elsewhere, presumably because if I did, why would you buy the book?

On this website you will not hear the music as Helen Keller places her hands on the Eastcliff grand piano. You won’t smell Katherine Hepburn’s favorite perfume. You will not see a secret service agent pull out his gun in the living room. You won’t drink wine on the terrace with Eddie Vedder. You won’t shiver over the nearby gangsters, laugh over the many dog stories, nor splash in one of the first saltwater swimming pools.

You can read all of the best Eastcliff stories in the book. Nonetheless, this website offers a full-color glimpse into the life of the Eastcliff families through hundreds of photographs. You can almost taste the food as you read menus from a century of entertaining. You can read snippets of untold stories, and more details about stories that are told in the book, even a few unsavory moments. You can walk through the basement, first floor, second floor, and tour the grounds via twenty-four floor and site plans. Finally, travel through time as you experience the home in 1921, 1930, 1960, 1990, and finally 2020.

Welcome to Eastcliff. I’m glad you’re here!